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Digital Engagement Tools

We offer application software designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and browsers providing an event digital experience. We support different kind of events such as conferences, shows, concerts and exhibitions. The Event Tools can be used in many ways like:

Registration - users can have electronic versions of their ticket within an
app, which they can use to check in during an event.

Engagement tools - e.g. polls, networking, speaker presentations and more.
These tools are important for Real time analytics and demographics where reports showing
downloads, usage, survey feedback, session attendance, ratings and poll results can be used by companies for further client analysis.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Services

Whether you need a bit of support for a small meeting or you’re planning a large-scale global event, Event Crest provides you with all of the tools you need in our digital engagement application tools – and even some you didn’trealize you needed. Our major events social media services include:

• Social Media for Restaurants
• Automotive Social Media
• Social Media for Bars
• Social Media for Health & Wellness
• Social Media for Hotels
• Social Media for Spas and Salons
• Social Media for Retail
• Corporate brand and Website Social Media
• Social Media for Activities & Events
• Our Staff has delivered a very successful online challenge, the aim being to push and engage digital mobile media
to the next level. Various tools were used to achieve this including:
• YouTube Engagement,
• Twitter Engagement and
• Facebook Engagement
• With this we could define: the real demographics and consumer patterns , their needs plus more, hence zero in on the tools and with that capture a full engaged experience.

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